Creatif Wall

Creatif Wall was established in the early 2000’s and quickly went on to become a leading provider of movable wall and operable partition systems for the workspace sector. After leaving my role as Creatif’s Head of Marketing in 2022 – following over 7 years with the business – I continued to assist the team with marketing support up until the company was sold in late 2023. Following the sale, I was approached by the new owners to continue my duties.

Website Design & Build

The Creatif website is home to over 100 projects, showcasing the very best work the brand has to offer. It also offers comprehensive product pages and is fully integrated with inbound marketing, sales, and service software, HubSpot which allows for functionality such as live chat and lead capture.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a key tool that helps Creatif stay engaged with their audience, from monthly newsletters that keep customers up-to-date with the latest case studies and product launches to targeted campaigns designed for smaller groups.

Video Filming & Editing

I’ve recorded and edited a number of videos for Creatif Wall over the years, form event recaps to promotional videos showcasing completed projects.