Sustainable Design Collective

The Sustainable Design Collective is a ‘think tank’ group committed to acting as a collective within the workplace design community to identify developments and ‘best practice’ relating to sustainability. Created in early 2022, the SDC is now comprised of senior members from over 25 leading firms that meet in person to exchange thoughts and ideas on how to improve sustainability efforts and initiatives within the sector.

Since the SDC’s formation, the group have looked to expand their reach in an effort to engage with the workplace design industry, branching out in to events and even a magazine.

I’m pleased to have supported this fantastic initiative since the start, having been approached by founding SDC members to design a brand identity, build a website and assist with digital marketing.

Website Design & Build

The SDC website serves a number of purposes, offering news updates in the form of blogs, downloadable reports from group meetings, the digital SDMagazine and more.

Email Marketing

As part of the SDC’s communications strategy, timely emails are sent out to a database of contacts which has quickly grown during the SDC’s first year since forming – this is as a result of events and online exposure.

Social Media Management & Graphic Design

Since the SDC’s launch I have managed their LinkedIn presence, helping to grow their overall reach. This includes the creation of various graphics and videos.

Video Creation

A number of the SDC’s videos I’m responsible for editing include promotional interviews and events highlights.

“I’ve worked with Ben on various projects thanks to our mutual involvement with Women in Office Design. As co-founder of the Sustainable Design Collective, I agreed he would be a great choice to support our digital marketing campaign. Ben has creative control over the design and management of our website and social media assets – vitally important tools to maximise our reach and knowledge sharing.”

– Joanna Knight, Founding Member @ SDC